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game_of_war_guardiansGuardians are the Tier 3 ranged units in Game of War: Fire Age. They are strong against Infantry and Siege, but weak against Cavalry.

Guardians are the strongest ranged unit you can train in Game of War without spending real money to unlock Tier 4 troops. So for the casual player this will form a large part of your final army.

Like all ranged units, Guardians require no ore build, which can be useful if you are low on ore. Their down side is they require roughly 50% more resources and take twice as long as to train than Skirmish Archers.


  • Medium movement speed
  • Good attack, Defense, and Health
  • Strong vs Infantry and Siege


  • Difficult to unlock since players need a level 15 Academy before researching them
  • Weak vs Cavalry


Cost to Make 150 stone & wood & food, 10 silver
Upkeep 3
Power 24
Load 10

Reseach Requirements

Level WoodGame of War Wood SilverGame of War Silver FoodGame of War Food StoneGame of War Stone Time Requirements Rewards Power
1 400,000 720,000 400,000 400,000 Academy 15,Ballista Unlocks Guardians 36,000


Build Costs
StoneGame of War Stone 150
WoodGame of War Wood 150
FoodGame of War Food 150
Silver 10


General stats
Upkeep 3
Power 24
Load 10
Speed 2


Battle Stats
Attack 3
Defence 3
Health 3
Strong vs. Infantry, Siege

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