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Tier 1 Troops

Battering Ram

The Battering Ram is a tier 1 Siege unit that breaks down defenses when attacking an enemy stronghold, their unlocked after completing the tutorial with Athena. Strong vs Defenses (wall traps) Slightly longer to train then most tier 1 units Slowest tier 1 unit Battering Rams are weak vs all …

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Outriders are a Tier 1 Cavalry unit that is unlocked after the player has completed the tutorial with Athena. Cavalry Outriders are useful for utilizing Early blitzkrieg Tactics against weaker players but should be paired with other units in case if speed is no a longer option. Fastest Unit available …

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Slingers are a tier 1 Ranged unit that is unlocked after the player completes the tutorial with Athena. Armed with only a sling and an iron helmet, slingers can be a temporary fix for empires on a tight budget. Stong vs Infantry and Siege Upkeep Cost and Training times are …

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Swordsmen are cheap jerseys Tier 1 infantry units that players Organization will have access to after they complete the Tutorial with Goalies Athena. canción New players might cheap jerseys need at least 250-500 Swordsmen to defend their stronghold once they unlocked new units. Swordsmen Type: Infantry Upkeep: 1 Power: 2 …

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