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Troop Mobility


Scouting is a way of gathering information of an enemy’s troops, traps, and heros without attacking them.  Scouting level 1 must be researched before one is able to scout enemies.  Scouting gives certain information about a city at the time it was scouted.  The information will not update as the …

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Any time you send troops, or your Hero, out from your Stronghold you activate a March. March times The higher tier troops, the longer the march time. Mixed tier marches take on the longest march time of all troops sent. Your overall troop and Hero march speed can be increased …

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Occupying a tile means sending an army to stay there. If it is a resource tile, the army will gather from it. If there is an army on the tile a battle will occur. If a tile is empty or if a player wins a battle on a non-resource tile, their army will occupy that …

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Gathering is the act of getting resources from a resource tile. In order to gather, a player must send a march to occupy the tile. Occupation Unoccupied Tile A player can freely send a march to occupy it in order to gather resources from it. Occupied Tile By Alliance Member: …

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The result of an attack on another player will vary depending primarily on each player’s troops, armor, and research. A higher power does not equal a certain victory. Only the attack bonus (not defense) of the attacker and defense bonus (not attack) of the defender will be taken into consideration. Attacking a …

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