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The Stronghold provides an overview of your city’s advancements.  It also governs the amount of troops on a march and the number of marching groups (march slots) that are available to you. Level March Capacity Power March Slots Remarks 1 2,000 +0 1 2 5,000 +0 1 3 10,000 +150 …

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Explorer Dungeon

Explore vast labyrinths with savage monsters. Within them lie mysterious and powerful items that will boost your Empire to greatness. Infuse the power of the Elements in your gear with Elemnt Shards found within the Dungeon – you will need them in upcoming battles. The Explorer Dungeon requires new special …

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In Game of War: Fire Age the Prison allows you to capture and hold an enemies Hero. The Prison also allows you view the captured Hero’s skills and equipment and execute a Hero after a period of time. Upgrading your Prison reduces the time taken before you can execute a …

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In Game of War: Fire Age the Forge allows you to craft equipment for your Hero. You can also combine four gems or four materials to improve their quality to the next level. Upgrading your Forge increases your crafting speed by 5% per level (25% increase from level 20 to …

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In Game of War: Fire Age the Altar grants boosts to your troops when active. You activate your Altar by sacrificing a Hero after an execution at your Prison. Upgrading your Altar increases the boosts to your army whilst your Altar is active. The Altar boosts increase your troop attack, …

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In Game of War: Fire Age the Academy allows you to research troop, economic and wall trap improvements. It also allows you to unlock new troops and wall traps. Upgrading your Academy increases your research speed by 1% per level (5% increase from level 20 to 21). The Academy is …

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