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Defensive Buildings


The Watchtower is a building which notifies the player of incoming marches; the more you upgrade the watchtower, the more information is revealed to you. For example, a level one Watchtower would only allow you to see that there is an incoming march, however a higher level Watchtower would show …

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Build traps to kill enemy invaders. Upgrading the wall is intended to Increase your wall defense trap capacity. Level 2-3 are straightforward.  Starting with upgrade to Level 4, you must create a Forge, then the Forge level must first be upgraded to the existing Stronghold level before one can upgrade …

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In Game of War: Fire Age the Embassy allows you to receive reinforcement troops from other allied cities. You can also send your troops to other cities providing their Embassy has sufficient capacity. Your Embassy can hold a maximum of 1 march from each ally. Upgrading your Embassy increases the …

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