Make your defenses impenetrable with the Unbreakable Health Gem Set, which boosts Troop Health by 4100%.

Arriving in time for the next Super Wonder, equip the set to your Gear to maximize your survivability.

Generate Samurai siege Diamond

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  1. i had been botting but then i stopped for a week and then i randomly got banned doesent really make sence

  2. I'm getting this shitty message but I never bottles or GPS spoof wtf did I get accidentally banned is niantic a piece of shit yea fuck you niantic my legs are so fucking sore and I lost my lvl 34 account so much work I got the game on the first day also I requested an appeal 2 days ago and didn't get any email also I didn't get a e-mail saying of been banned like many have been getting fuck you niantic (Upvote is same shit happened to you)

  3. I'm getting the unable to find player information from server but didn't get an email or notification of a ban… sooo am i banned or no? Or do you know?

  4. FAK THIS! im not having it, i only cheated cuz EVERYONE else was cheating and DUUH my level 16 with a 940 hipno is no match for a freaking 2800k dragonite gym holders and now i'm banned. Somebody HMU if there is another cheat engine, fk i happen to have a mac and most of the bots didn't work for me ><

    whatever haters who doesnt cheat anymore, i aint spending a penny on this

  5. Thank me, I answered your prayers.

  6. The ones that hit the gyms, I take their profile screenshots and I send it to Niantic, I got 7 people banned already. ? So spoofers keep doing what you're doing and i'll keep taking screenshots of you profile and getting you'll banned. ? ? ? ? ?

  7. will i get banned still if i log out after everytime i use it?

  8. You know what's funny about all this ban wave?

    I used to have 5 Pokemon accounts, 3 of them, I levelled them all up in within 2 weeks, all by myself, sitting for aproximately 17 hours because it's holiday (call me a no life or anything, I don't give a rat's ass), in a certain 24 hour-Lure infested Pokestop until them reaches Level 30, while the other 2, I used BOTs to reach the same level within 5 days and less.

    If the ban ONLY affects the BOTTERS and SPOOFERS, I should give my very respect BUT I got ALL of my accounts BANNED.

    Now why is that? Given that I used a third-party application like PokeWhere to detect the good and haven't caught Pokemons in my area. Like… I can't for the love of god, know that there'll be a freaking Dragonite 5 blocks away when that particular Dragonite didn't show shit in the 'Nearby' Pokemon list.

    Now try to understand that the console Pokemon game have this kind of system where you click on the PokeDex and it'll show the nearby nest while in the game's PokeDex, you click on it and it only shows you info, and evolution. LIKE HELL I need to know a Pidgey evolves into a Pidgeotto. So why can't Niantic let us use the Pokemon Scanning third-party app?

    The fuck is this shit?

    Please do try to understand the situation I'm trying to explain and do please try to make a video about it. My team and several other players experience the same shit. Note: The error from the GPS (Lag) that made you look like teleport from your house to the nearby market also have a potential to get your account ban (speaking from my experience, 6th account ALSO got Ban).

    Thank you for your time

  9. I didn't get a ban email

  10. Can someone help me I got an email saying I got banned but I haven't done anything wrong my account is all legit please someone help me

  11. im a joystick user, and i dont go to gyms

  12. Tutuapp: Soft ban
    Necrobot: ban
    Tutuapp, I used on my backup because I'm not cheating on my main, it'll ruin my game.
    Necrobot, same backup, banned. Lol

  13. Look i'm banned okay i used the airplane modus. Now i can restart my email by loggin in but it keeps loading and i want to get further with my own account but it won't let me?

  14. so I wasn't using bots or any kind of cheats and I can log in to Pokemon go but no pokestops or Pokemon are showing up at all and I also tried another account and the same thing happened for that one as well what does that mean?

  15. I use the tutu app hack and spoof and stuff on my second account, however I never go to gyms since I'm just using the hack for fun and i don't want it to be unfair to other players.
    (also, when trading comes out i'm gonna get people to pay me to trade for rare pokemon like Gyradose and Nidoqueen. MwAh hA Ha)

  16. I live in the middle of nowhere-oklahoma and there are no gyms or pokestops, i am kinda forced to spoof :c I just want to complete the pokedex and have only went to a few gyms, lvl 25 and havent been banned yet and really hope i dont

  17. fuuuuuckkkkkkk I got banned! shit shit shit shit shit shit…

  18. here is another one you can catch pokemon and collect pokestops but you can't battle gyms and the GPS signal is messed up

  19. im not even use any bot or fake gps. Fuck this game im done

    im lvl 25 btw

  20. I accidentally teleported on my legit account with a modded Pokemon Go app and got a softban. Does this mean I will get banned guaranteed? I worked pretty hard on the account and I would be devastated if it got banned.

  21. how many days to get unbanned if i appeal to pokemon go?

  22. Ok so I can't log in? It just shows the spinning pokeball when I enter the information into the Account, can someone tell me what this means? Thanks!

  23. left after you have cheater props

  24. My second account (lvl 1) got banned for nothing lol… I had only my pikachu on it

  25. not real they arent banning people this video si fake i use cheat everyday

  26. how I cant back SO I get banned? I just play pokemon go in pc and it ban me? fuck this

  27. failed to log in
    perm ban, huh?

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